New Haven Client/Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities Statement

Grounded in provincial, national and international human rights1, as a client and/or caregiver of clients attending New Haven Learning Centre, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO:

  • Access your New Haven Client/ Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities Statement at any time in physical or digital format
  • Provide informed and express consent before and throughout services
  • Receive clear and understandable service information
  • Have a clear explanation of the services you/ your child will receive
  • Have your personal information treated confidentially
  • Be informed and involved in the planning of your care/ care of your child
  • Be informed of changes in service and/or request changes be considered without fear of reprisals, interference, coercion or discrimination
  • Participate voluntarily in services, request changes, and/or withdraw from the programs in alignment with chosen service agreements and contracts
  • Understand how to provide feedback and/or appeal service decisions

  • Be treated with dignity and respect, free from discrimination or harm
  • Receive professional care that is free from judgment based on diversity of views, culture, spiritual traditions, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, diagnosis or ability, age, race, culture, colour, mental or physical identity
  • Have the right to effective communication in a form, language, and manner that assists the client to understand the information provided. Where necessary, this includes the right to a competent interpreter
  • Feel welcome, safe, and secure during service implementation
  • Have the right to decline involvement in research at any time and to know that declining participation will not affect access to care, treatment or future service provision
  • Have the right to be advised when practicum students are involved in service delivery and to decline student involvement in any part of treatment
  • Have the right to access services that are provided in a manner that respects the dignity, independence, equal opportunity, and self-determination of the individual

  • Receive high quality evidence-based services conducted in a professional and caring manner
  • Make choices about treatments, and be informed of the health risks and benefits of such decisions
  • Expect and receive confidential services that respect your privacy and abide by the regulations and laws of our jurisdiction and certification bodies
  • Be informed of available services and all associated fees
  • Receive assessment and treatment services that are clinically determined to be appropriate, and welcomed to participate in ongoing reviews of treatment and service plans as service progresses
  • Understand that program data may be used for research or training purposes, and maintain the right to withdraw consent for use of such data at any time
  • Expect that all professionals will follow Canadian laws, standards of practice and professional guidelines during the development, execution, and transition from services

As a client and/or caregiver of clients attending New Haven Learning Centre, you 


  • Treat service providers and other clients/caregivers with courtesy and respect, free from discrimination and harassment
  • Provide complete and accurate information
  • Provide informed and express consent to both determine and authorize service
  • Be available to review clinical information and be actively involved in the planning of care
  • Provide 24-hour notice when appointments cannot be attended
  • Practice good infection control (e.g., cleaning hands, wearing masks, etc.)
  • Follow the Individualized Education/ Service Plan to the best of your ability
  • Appropriately inform the service team of relevant changes in circumstances or situations that could affect care goals (e.g., medications, family living arrangements, etc.)
  • Pay all associated service fees as scheduled in the contractual agreement and invoices
  • Have respect for Centre premises and property
  • Provide feedback in a respectful manner, refraining from foul language, shouting and threats both in verbal and written comments

New Haven agrees to make timely changes to this Client/Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities Statement as appropriate and to share those changes with current and prospective clients/caregivers as legislated or as determined in accordance with best practices and the schedule of review.

For a printable copy of the Clients/Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities Statement, click here.

1New Haven is committed to complying with the Canadian Human Rights Act (1985), the Ontario Human Rights Code (1962), the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2007) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) in addition to additional legal and ethical frameworks of human rights that may be introduced.

New Haven also understands and accepts the assumed intent and guiding principles under the AODA. These accessibility standards do not substitute or limit our obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code (1962) or obligations to people with disabilities under any other law which New Haven stands firm in accepting and prompting in all services and employment standards.