Client Rights Statement

As a client of New Haven Learning Centre, you have the right to:


• Have access to your rights in writing.
• Receive clear and understandable information.
• Actively participate in the planning and delivery of your services.
• Review and correct information in your agency file/record.
• Provide feedback about your experience and service(s).
• Understand our complaint process and not be discriminated against for filing a complaint.
• Participate voluntarily in services and withdraw at any time.
• Understand the likely benefits and possible risks of any recommended treatment.
• Provide informed consent before programs begin.


• Be treated with dignity and respect, free from discrimination or harm.
• Receive services that respect your age, race, gender identity, culture, colour, mental or physical identity, diagnosis, sexual orientation and/or religion.
• Feel welcome, safe, and secure throughout services.
• Access services that are barrier free and value independence and equal opportunity.


• Receive high quality evidence-based services conducted in a professional and caring manner.
• Understand your data may be used for research or training purposes, and maintain the right to withdraw consent at any time.
• Expect and receive confidential services that respect your privacy.
• Be informed of services available to you and all associated fees.
• Receive assessment and treatment services that are mutually agreed upon between yourself and
this agency, and participate in ongoing reviews of your treatment.
• Expect that we will follow all Canadian laws and the laws of our profession.