January 4, 2022

New Haven Caregivers, Staff and Community,

As per the announcement on January 3rd by Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Health Christine Elliot and Ontario's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore, the province of Ontario will be moving back to Step 2 of the Road Map to Reopen.

Accordingly, New Haven will continue to shift to our already pre-planned TeleHealth ABA virtual services at this time until Monday, January 17th. The order for all work to be done remotely, with a maximum of five people indoors, is a directive that we must follow alongside the realities of our vulnerable population of clients. 

Although vaccinations are not a requirement for in-centre programming at the client level, we urge all families to follow the scientific documentation and provincial guidance to have individuals five and above vaccinated. As you are already aware, all New Haven staff are fully vaccinated and are expected to have their booster before returning to in-centre programming. This must be balanced with the clientele equally focused on vaccination prioritization. 

In order for New Haven personnel to plan forward, we ask that families consider some of the options previously offered in the emergence of COVID-19. New Haven will return to in-centre services when considered safe to do so, with the resources and PPE required to support a healthy work and service environment. 

For some families, concerns around a return to in-centre programming may be difficult to make, as such we ask that you engage with your Clinical Coordinator to discuss the option to extend virtual services into February 2022. At this time, we are not predicting beyond a two-week period and ask for everyone's patience and support as we strive to make informed decisions on behalf of both our clients and our staff. 

Each of us can and should play a role in supporting each other as we progress forward. Sometimes the smallest of gestures, such as a positive quick text or supportive phone call or an informational fun email can brighten one's day and remind us that we have a support system that is both seen and unseen at all times. 

New Haven Learning Centre continues to work tirelessly to gather and disseminate critical information and wants to play an active role in decreasing the risks currently associated with physically coming together. Virtual supports are available to all families who request it, and the path to in-centre services may be longer than one hoped but is on the horizon. 

See below some valuable links for vaccination information:

Download your vaccine certificate by visiting: 

Book your vaccine: or call at 1-888-999-6488

For more information on the vaccination plan, please visit Ontario COVID VACCINE and Toronto Public Health 

Be well and stay safe,

Sandra Hughes, M.Ed, BCBA, CAS,CFRE
Executive Director
New Haven Learning Centre

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Sandra Hughes, M.Ed, BCBA, CAS,CFRE

Executive Director

416-259-4445 ext. 12

Jennifer Hieminga, M.Ed, BCBA

Clinical Director

416 906 8477

Jennifer Jeynes, MA, AC, CFRE

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