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July 1, 2022

There are moments in life where we often ask where the time has gone, but truly in this first half of 2022, where did it all go? We have arrived at our first Centre and service closure of the 2022 summer. Time passing quickly can be considered a good thing, when times are more challenging, however, I do believe, we should note with a sense of calm that we have managed to fill the past 6 months with tremendous successes. Each of our students has returned to an intensity of programming that shows great benefit in their individual development. They have also continued to learn health and safety skills (e.g., hand sanitizing and wearing masks) when many thought they would never be able to learn such a skill and continue to amaze us each and every day.

It is a privilege to watch development and to see the unique and special moments of progress our students and clients achieve with the focus of evidence-based interventions. New Haven continues to thrive with a focus on growing potential and changing lives in meaningful ways. There is little doubt, New Haven was hit by the global mass resignation of early 2022 and yet, we welcomed incredible new team members to our fold who are stepping into the tremendously impactful role of Instructor. As we continue to build our teams, we have seen the resiliency of those truly invested in what New Haven stands for and they too have seen our commitment back to them. We have worked to understand the needs of our employees and are working to better understand a positive means of moving forward together as we focus on the value of supporting others within the autism community. The remainder of 2022 is bright with opportunity.

We are fortunate to also see our community stand up and re-affirm their commitment to our charity. New Haven hosted a very successful Les and Kae Martin Memorial Golf Tournament on June 22nd and we will see those funds support our operational needs as we progress. We are also looking forward in anticipation of the Changing Lives Gala on September 22nd and know that this event, as a cornerstone fundraiser for the agency, will bring a focus on what we do, how we need our community to directly invest in life-changing services, and the opportunity for personal progress that comes from a systematic and thoughtful service model.

 We hope everyone takes a moment to reflect on where we are now and where we can be. I wish all to enjoy a well deserved break and return energized to build on what we have already accomplished.

 Please enjoy the break safely,

 Best regards,

Sandra Hughes, M.Ed, BCBA, CAS,CFRE
Executive Director
New Haven Learning Centre

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Executive Director

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