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New Haven Learning Centre is celebrating World Autism Awareness Day a little differently this year – its Annual Autism Awareness Day Family Dance is being held virtually!

In fact, all of the programs and services provided through our ABA therapy and treatment centre have moved to a telehealth format, with our students and clients receiving critical support and guidance via video chat rooms!

On the heels of the dramatic COVID-19 closures, social-distancing, State of Emergency measures and rapid education shifts, New Haven quickly adapted to lead in the current climate. Because at New Haven, crisis doesn’t mean you step aside. It means you Step UP. It means you Soar.

For many of our families, a disruption of treatment under the auspices of the OAP funding program can be detrimental. Therefore, New Haven worked with key stakeholders to ensure that the funding can be used for eligible services and supports during this period of transition to include a more flexible and focused ABA therapy program - utilizing the technology available to better suit our collective needs. This is vital as early intervention and continuity of critical services for children and youth on the autism spectrum is crucial now more than ever.

“We were forced like so many others to figure out how our organization would survive, how our clients would receive critical support, how our staff, although reduced, could continue help to their best ability.” states Sandra Hughes, Executive Director of New Haven, “We need to keep calm and carry on with a primary focus of continuing to support our community. Maintaining continuity of care for those who need and want it is our top priority.”

New Haven, one of many smaller non-profit organizations, has learned to pivot quickly and achieve the near impossible. We have risen to the challenge, soared if you will, and engaged with our families and clients through accessible avenues of telehealth opportunities and one-on-one strategic counselling, planning and instruction, and of course constant guidance.

We are successful due to the fact that we grounded our new suite of services in the tenets of evidence-based research, practice and strategy, in addition to its relatively widespread usage in other parts of the world. In fact, we have also embarked on evidence-gathering, focus groups, surveys and metrics in order to further inform our programs and contribute to the evolution of treatment and therapy in the greater autism sector.

New Haven is reaching out to OAP funded families who would like to take a virtual tour of our facilities, schedule a video call with one of our BACB accredited clinicians, take an assessment audit of a Zoom Telehealth session. We invite you to watch our new video, visit our new website, explore our new resources.


New Haven Learning Centre: Growing Potential, Changing Lives

New Haven Learning Centre (New Haven), established in 1998, is one of the first centres of excellence focused on the provision of ABA-based treatment and educational programming for the autism sector. As a charitable and non-profit organization New Haven’s mission is the improvement of education and maximizing the potential of each individual student and client, while supporting their families every step of the way. 



Jennifer Jeynes, Mgr. Fundraising & Development